The Mapa 2-in-1 Black Opal, Ruby and Diamond Pendant (with Valero Mirror Necklace)


1. 14k yellow gold with black opal, ruby, and diamond pendant ( 1/2 in” )

2. Valero mirror necklace in 14k yellow gold


With a black opal (dyed) in a yellow gold surround sparkling with rubies and diamonds, the Mapa 2-in1 Pendant is all about the romance. Beautifully ornate but a million miles away from showy, this pendant will take your jewelry collection in a stunning new direction. 

Studio Notes

Mutability is the essence of Limnia, and you’ll find so many ways to wear this directional pendant. Detach the central opal and wear as two separate necklaces, or slot the pieces together and hook onto a single earring. Seriously, there’s no wrong answer.