Ashbury Chain Necklace/Anklets

The Foundations

Twenty inch (20') 14k yellow gold necklace renewable to be two 14k gold link chains (9 inches each), with two 14k yellow gold hoop earrings (10 mm )


Calling all free spirits. This 14k gold delicate, mid-length chain (18") with two statement circles at the center can be split into separate anklets (9") and a pair of slim hoop earrings (10 mm diameter for each earring) for a West Coast vibe. Truly multifunctional, the Ashbury Chain Necklace does it all.

Studio Notes

We knew a necklace could do way more than just show off a pendant, and the Ashbury Chain Necklace takes it to the next level. With multiple ways to wear, this clever system gives you plenty of bang for your buck, and it travels well, too. Renewable jewelry at its finest. 

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