Born from Transformation

Annette Lasala Spillane founded LIMNIA after leaving her long-time career in finance to create accessible, timeless jewelry that modern womxn can buy for themselves, on their own terms.

As a Filipina entrepreneur, Annette values sharing her heritage and the Philippines' unique design perspective. Every piece is designed in New York (her current residence) and produced ethically in the Philippines, with the intention of being renewed and passed on by her community and Limnia's for years to come.

LIMNIA is a celebration of good design, evolution, and womxn on the move.

Built on the idea that life is yours for the making, LIMNIA is a renewable fine jewelry brand that, in its buildability, empowers you to live exactly as you are in a world of limitless possibilities.

Our Philosophy

A Design Process Rooted in Heritage

All of LIMNIA's pieces are crafted by artisan goldsmiths in the Philippines through our partnership with TSKI- a Philippine non-profit driven to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship. By introducing you to their unique design perspective and processes, we hope to inspire you to make more thoughtful purchases with longevity and social impact in mind.

Higher Value
Lower Cost Per Wear

With a contemporary price point and a dual value proposition, we want to empower you to buy fine jewelry for yourself. We don't rely on other people or our partners to buy us nice things. Our individual pieces and sets are renewable; so you can make then new again by wearing them on their own or styled with each other so you can get creative with how you want to wear them, through all the stages of your life. In an instant, one can become two - a necklace becomes two anklets, pendants turn into earrings, and earrings are bases to create more statement pieces.

Mixing Innovation
with Sentiment

We are driven to redefine the traditional limitations of what timeless, heirloom-worthy jewelry can look like and how it can be worn. Our design-forward, customizable pieces are built to withstand, change, and move through life with you - from everyday commutes to life-changing moments. We want to be there for you to support and encourage acceptance of your own evolution.

Our Prices (How we make our jewelry accessible)

Comparison shopping? We’re confident that LIMNIA's prices are a fraction of what you’ll see elsewhere in the market. At LIMNIA, we make it our business to bring you heirloom-quality pieces at a non-scary price. That’s why we take a direct-to-consumer approach, working directly with our artisans and cutting out traditional retail markup, to pass on the savings to you. We believe in great design, not overhyped labels.

We also know that you don’t invest in fine jewelry lightly, so we want you to be able to wear it for years to come. All our pieces are cleverly designed to be customized, bringing down the cost-per-wear every time you find a new combination.