About Us


Here’s the thing about change: it’s constant, and it’s always good — even when you can’t see why at first.

Every day you are asked to embrace change; to adapt and evolve with growing demands on your time and talent. We are, frankly, blown away by you — the makers, the dreamers, and the every-day grind-it-out doers. So we wanted to empower you with jewelry inspired by the way you dynamically respond to all the changes in your life.

With LIMNIA , we’ve built a clever, customizable jewelry line that evolves with you. A necklace becomes a pair of anklets; an earring turns into a ring. Crafted from the finest materials and precious stones (think 14k gold and white diamonds), LIMNIA'S contemporary fine jewelry can be modified to match your mood, no matter where you are and where you are going.

Built on the idea that life is yours for the making, LIMNIA is a modular fine jewelry brand that, in its modularity, empowers you to live exactly as you are in a world of limitless possibilities.

Our Philosophy


The world is our home and we are called to leave it better than we found it. Everything we do, from creating sustainable products to building communities, is based on that principle. All of LIMNIA's pieces are crafted by goldsmiths in the Philippines introduced to us through our partnership with TSKI — a Philippine non-profit driven to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship. When you buy LIMNIA jewelry, you’re supporting our artists and helping them make their lives, and the lives of their families, better. We're in this for the long haul.

Our Origins
(and where want to go)

Our founder, Annette Lasala Spillane, is a Filipina entrepreneur who was determined to share the unique design perspective of the Philippines with the world. After a long career in finance in the US, she’s now doing just that. With roots in the Philippines, where our fine jewelry is produced, as well as New York City and San Francisco, LIMNIA takes inspiration from cities around the world. We’re always on the move — just like you.

You know that no day looks the same. You want pieces to make you look good and feel confident, no matter where you are. Our collection is a celebration of everything that brought you here and all the places you have yet to go. We're on this journey together.


At LIMNIA, we believe that great style — and beautiful jewelry — should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we created a modern, inventive line of essentials to form the backbone of your fine jewelry collection. In 14k gold, every piece in our Foundations line can be worn alone, or in combination with our other pieces to create a multitude of looks.

Whether you’re looking for minimal earrings, danglers that make a statement, or necklaces that draw the eye, you’ll find something you love, at a fair price.

Our Prices (How we make our jewelry accessible)

Comparison shopping? We’re confident that LIMNIA's prices are a fraction of what you’ll see elsewhere in the market. At LIMNIA, we make it our business to bring you heirloom-quality pieces at a non-scary price. That’s why we take a direct-to-consumer approach, working directly with our artisans and cutting out traditional retail markup, to pass on the savings to you. We believe in great design, not overhyped labels.

We also know that you don’t invest in fine jewelry lightly, so we want you to be able to wear it for years to come. All our pieces are cleverly designed to be customized, bringing down the cost-per-wear every time you find a new combination.