The Luzon Pendant, Hand Chain/Necklace and Necklace Set


1. Mapa 2-in-1 Pendant in 14k yellow gold with black opal, ruby and diamond

2. Addie Hand Chain/Necklace in 14k yellow gold

3. Valero Mirror Chain Necklace in 14k yellow gold


Just the most luxurious playset we can think of. With a hand chain and bracelet that turn into a lariat, another chain necklace, and a bejeweled pendant all at your disposal, the Luzon set is full of possibility (and would make an impossibly glamorous gift).

Studio Notes

It might be our most spectacular set, but the Luzon is packed with pieces you can wear every day. Take the hand chain on vacation, wear the mirror necklace to work… or lean into the drama when you pile it all on together. Your call.