The Corazon Figure and Rosaria Bracelets/Necklace Set

Luxury - Signature Sets

1. Corazon Figure in 14k yellow gold

2. 4x Rosario Bracelets (7.5") in 14k yellow gold with faceted moonstones in 14k yellow gold


An abstract take on a woman reclining, the Corazon Figure from our collaboration with artist Monica Ramos is a beautiful way to connect the four gold chains —  with faceted moonstone beads— that make up our Rosario Bracelets.

Studio Notes

Loop two chains through each side of our Corazon Figure to double them over; then fasten the ends together to form a multi-chain bracelet with Corazon the center of attention — just how she likes it. She loves becoming a pendant when you wear the bracelets as one long necklace too.