The Prima Ear Cuff and Pearl Threaders Set

Studio Favorites

1.  Rivera bar ear cuff (one piece), 14k gold

2. Salcedo pearl threaders, 14k gold 

        -  Black freshwater pearls 

        - Light Gray Akoya pearl threader



We knew what we were doing when we named this one Prima: with a yellow gold ear cuff and two pearl danglers (we make a version with black freshwater pearls and another with iridescent light gray akoya pearls), this essential fine jewelry set is the building block of our collection. So we really don’t mind if she gives herself a few airs.

Studio Notes

We admit it; we’re on a mission. At Limnia, we want everyone to fall in love with fine jewelry, so we put together a set that you can feel confident wearing every day. The Prima also makes a fabulous gift if you’re setting someone else on their own jewelry journey.


Easily your all day everyday jewelry