The Araw Ear Cuffs and Pearl Danglers Set (Single)


1. Aina Ear Cuffs in 14k yellow gold Soleil Pearl Danglers in 14k yellow gold

2. Soleil akoya pearl dangler (6.2-8 mm) in 14k yellow gold



Named after the Filipino word for "sun", the Araw Ear Cuffs and Pearl Danglers Set celebrates our heritage. Pairing 14k gold ear cuffs in the shape of sunrays with the iridescent sheen of Akoya pearl, this modular fine jewelry set is a contemporary take on hoops and classic pearl earrings. 

Studio Notes

Add a sunny glow to any ear curation. Loop a pearl onto each ear cuff and wear as classic earrings; or mix and match with your other hoops and cuffs to create your own look. The multifunctional danglers play nicely with any chain necklace or bracelet, too.

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