The 'Cultivar' print


An exclusive print created intentionally for the LIMNIA community with Kimmy Elliott (11"x14" textured paper)


This holiday season, we’re excited to share LIMNIA’s first-ever print, “Cultivar”. The limited-edition piece was created by Kimmy Elliott, a Filipina painter and illustrator, currently based in Lille, France. Sized 11" x 14", each print comes numbered with Elliott’s signature. 

The Inspiration

Throughout this challenging year, we’ve been inspired by a sense of togetherness, fueled by shared experience and a spirit of growth and self-exploration. Much like our buildable sets which harvest creative potential (being worn together, separately, and in unique combinations), we’ve connected with our innate ability to endlessly grow, change and evolve. This piece explores the term ‘ cultivar’, a word whose meaning evokes that exact sense of endless growth and potential. An ongoing cycle of seeding, sprouting, blooming and seeding again, we find ourselves continually reinventing who we are out of remnants of our past selves. Out of 2020’s collective hardship, comes this shared journey of cultivation.

Giving Back

We will be donating 100% of profits from sales of the “Cultivar” Print directly to our goldsmiths in the Philippines, who’ve faced financial hardship due to COVID-19.